They say we don’t miss the person, just the memories and yet somehow the knowledge that those memories can only be relived with that one person is despairing. Cool after a late Friday afternoon rain, the ambulance siren went off. The town was wet with the rain and tears of our family and friends. We … Continue reading Memories

Valley People

The town seemed empty but the stories were full. The Friday fog was blinding and the breeze was chilly. It had rained all morning so 4pm looked like night time. The houses stood in isolation at the foot of the hills and smoke from all the kitchens rose into the sky in unison. There was … Continue reading Valley People

SLEEK CHILLZ : Grounded throwback tunes with grounded memories

“My leather so soft, my top so soft” and just like that the hottest mix in town is giving me the “Chillz” I like mixes for specific reasons: arrangement, transitions and hits – safe to say that all my boxes were checked and my heart was stolen with this one from DJ Sleek. In a … Continue reading SLEEK CHILLZ : Grounded throwback tunes with grounded memories